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Grace Bible Day Camp, Day 4

What happens on Thursday of a busy week at the International Spy Academy? We get a little crazy. Full of smiles and silly faces.

Grace Bible Day Camp, Day 3

Day 3 started cloudy and eventually rained at the International Spy Academy. But the young recruits and secret agents were not deterred or daunted. We were excited to spend another day together at Grace Bible Day Camp.

Grace Bible Day Camp, Day 2

The International Spy Academy’s welcomed young recruits and agents for Day 2 of Grace Bible Day Camp, where we search out truths from God’s Word.


  • Genesis 27

    July 20th

    God’s Strength and Sovereignty Remain as Our Faith Struggles. Our study of the Regeneration section of Genesis continues with the second and third...

  • Genesis 25

    July 6th

    A life lived for God will be a life abundantly blessed by God. Genesis 25 records the end of Abraham’s life and shows two the contrasting lives of...

  • Genesis 24

    June 29th

    God’s grace is seen through our relationships and in our futures. Though Genesis 24 is about the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah...

  • Genesis 23

    June 22nd

    The mourning of the faithful. Genesis 23 shows Abraham going through the most extreme trial of an aged Christian’s life. He loses his wife Sarah,...