GCM News

Photos: KidShow Booth

The annual KidShow at the Great Lakes Mall is a great way to spread the word about Grace Bible Day Camp.

Photos: Youth Retreat

This year's Youth Retreat at Camp Carl was 24 hours of fun, fellowship, food, games, skits and God's Word!

Photos: Pastors' Cookoff

The annual Pastors' Cookoff pits our leaders against each other in a culinary contest of pastoral proportions!


  • Genesis 15

    April 13th

    God's Salvation Covenant with Abraham. God gives the third unconditional covenant of the book of Genesis to Abram.

  • Genesis 14:17-24

    April 6th

    Tender Compassion Ministers to Compromise in Peril. Abram’s life is a study in perseverance by grace. Lot had formerly walked with the Lord, and he knew...

  • Genesis 14

    March 30th

    Tender compassion ministers to compromise in peril Genesis 14 takes a “compare and contrast” method to present truth. Lot’s story continues as a...

  • Genesis 12:10-13:18

    March 23rd

    The genuine walk of faith always includes more spiritual success than failure. When studying narrative or story portions of the Bible, we will not...